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Oh, yes, in one of the most famous operas, "Faust. Since its Broadway debut, it has become a high-school musical staple, a movie and a Broadway revival. Pittsburgh Civic Light Opera has done it three times. But cleverly, and somewhat cheekily, this incarnation of the Adler and Ross musical is cast so all the men's roles are played by women, and all the women's roles by men with one notable exception.

Opera Theater of Pittsburgh's Summerfest has taken the more holistic approach to relevance by commissioning a new work inspired by pioneering environmentalist Rachel Carson.

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Get the play by play here, plus - which Pittsburgh Pirate has the best singing voice? This month, a new eco-opera making its world premiere right here in Pittsburgh is bringing Carson's pioneering work to life in powerful and relevant new ways.

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It had been there since CLO last produced the show in The popular musical threw quite a curve ball at the audience, for in his version, director Scott Wise has the male roles acted and sung by female members of the company, and vice versa. I like the organization's approach - they want to break away from any stereotypes that opera might have as being "stuffy" or "too formal" or "outdated in today's world" and make it as accessible and engaging as it can be to a wide audience, including even preschool children.

On Friday, Opera Theater's annual SummerFest opens with a company-record six productions over four weekends, including the world premiere of an "eco-opera" that was two years in the making. Inspired by environmentalist Rachel Carson a native of Springdale, Pa.


Now classical music's off-season has been reduced to August. SummerFest offers a flurry of events over itself nearly monthlong run, including many stage productions and concerts designed for wide appeal, including ones for children. Like all "SummerFest" productions, the work will be given in English, but this year the innovation of subtitles projected above the stage has been added.

Hear the trouble with tenors, if capes will come back in style, and what's on Rob's bucket list. With a kid-friendly minute running time no intermission and post-show activities, this event provides the perfect opportunity to introduce your children to opera. Watch the interview now! That's not the way we want it to be," said the company's artistic and general director Jonathan Eaton.

Even opera.

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  6. The new opera, whose title is from Carson's Congressional testimony, is a collaboration between composer Gilda Lyons and librettist Tammy Ryan, a Pittsburgh-based Pittsburgh [sic]. For opera fans, discovering new voices has the added physical thrill of the sound of the voices themselves. Martinis and showtunes are bandied about in delightful excess as Mr. But the ways those elements blended — casting fresh light on and strengthening each of the components — created the magic of opera one always hopes to experience.

    Clack says. It is a German opera which is still all about love and death, but has a humorous — rather than the stodgy — look one so often gets in German romantic operas.

    Savitri L. Bess - The Archetype of an Elder

    Once a staple of the summer-theater season, "The Fantasticks" is now seldom performed. So, it's nice to see it return as part of Opera Theater's SummerFest with delightfully tuneful performances of Harvey Schmidt and Tom Jones' score by a well-voiced cast and quartet of musicians. Performing in the 20th Century Club in Oakland, Marianne Cornetti inaugurated the events Thursday evening with a recital that included opera arias accompanied on the piano by Brent McMunn, followed by lighter music on the second half. Summerfest's production was uneven at its opening on July 14, though it did rise to sustained beauty for the show's hit song, "Vilja.

    The extended cheering and applause was the warmest possible welcome for a performer. The third annual installment of SummerFest, which runs from July , features three main stage productions, an opera especially written for children, a commissioned opera inspired by the work and life of ecologist pioneer, Rachel CArson, numerous recital, post-performance cabarets and more. She says she's fine with that-she wanted to be involved in the process of watching words come to life before an audience.

    Wagner's the Rhinegold (das Rheingold)

    Or maybe that's the beer you'll be drinking during of the company's pop-up operas, set to appear randomly in Pittsburgh's bars this summer. In any case, the festival's full plate of operas, recitals and smaller events is sure to satisfy all your operatic cravings. Nowadays, they can be critical to starting a career.

    There's plenty of drama in the final rounds of competitions as singers fight their nerves and strive to sing the best they ever have. That's why the public-performance portions of competitions can be exciting for audiences. And its warm-weather component, SummerFest, showcases the best up-and-coming opera singers the world has to offer. For New Place Collaborations, a dynamic marketing agency of two, it means having access to a place they can call headquarters, while working elsewhere when they need to. SummerFest is a three-week artistic celebration that "brings together a pack of independently-spirited, joyfully unconventional people to celebrate community as well as cultural values" through the presentation of six distinct operas for theatergoers of all ages and interests.

    The Opera Theater of Pittsburgh production that opened July 7 and repeats July 12 and 20 seems content to split the difference with a production that should offer satisfaction to both groups. There's no authentic version, so it is hardly disrespectful for Mr. Eaton to incorporate music by the real E. Hoffmann, a writer and composer as well as a romantic hero in the early 19th century. SummerFest was a bold venture in its first year, offering three staged productions, an extravagant array of concerts, short operas called Night Caps International, cabaret performances, chamber music concerts and a Mozart camp.

    The result was the year-old company's most financially successful season.

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    Now Summer Fest returns, at a notable in-city venue. The role of a maid who brings the angry, disillusioned Sullivan his drinks is sung by soprano Anna McTiernan. The brilliance of our planning is completely overshadowed, not only by the place, but by the shear genius of the Opera Theater of Pittsburgh in producing an opera about Mr. Wright, and staging it at Fallingwater, on the day of his birthday!

    The performance, the first opera at the house, ran Friday and will also run today.

    For after all, operas are nothing but drama of great proportions with scandalous goings on in-between. It's the first time this opera has been staged at one of the architect's houses and the first time any opera has been performed at this house. The event marks the first time composer Daren Hagen's opera will be held at one of the famed architect's buildings and the world premiere of Hagen's re-orchestration for chamber opera done specifically for the occasion. His strongly sung portrayal was a hoot, deliciously campy without being overdone….

    Lazich was a marvel, the mix of silliness and strong singing that serves the ludicrous Papageno well. Sabrina Warren had a lovely, gentle texture throughout as Pamina. She channeled Lucia with a knife in her hand. The most intriguing casting was standout countertenor Andrey Nemzer as the despicable Monostatos. Not because of any shock value, at least not to me, but because it juxtaposed his timbre in the head voice compared to Ms. The festival is off to a strong start…. Music and theater lovers are invited to step into some beloved works, experience witty world-premiere music dramas and discover seldom-performed masterpieces.

    Free outdoor fringe performances and other visual and performing arts events add to the festivities…. The ground floor houses a senior center and the second level is a day care. It's better to look elsewhere for a complete recording of the cycle. The notedWagnerian scholar Deryck Cooke best characterized the greatconductor's view of this magnum opus as a "stark, heavy, broodingwork, a profound tragedy set in a primitive world of ancient Teutonicgods and heroes, to whom every action and event is of the utmostexistential importance.

    Even when tempos appear unusually slow, theconductor's rhythmic underpinning and sixth sense for sustaining longlines keep the dramatic intensity afloat. A banded synopsisis included in lieu of texts. Read more Reviews 12 Furtwangler's Masterpiece I entirely disagree with reviewers who call Solti's Ring "the essential" or the one to buy if you can only afford one.

    Coughing and poor quality sound could not diminish its beauty for me. I find the rendition by singers such as Flagstadt, Treptow, Konetzni and others incomparable. As a total, the set is unmatched in my opinion. Clemens Krauss, Bayreuth '52, would be my second or third.