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Are you butting up against people making the same mistakes on delegated tasks, again and again, leaving you to fix them each time? Check in with them and see if they feel overwhelmed or underappreciated. A tray of breakfast treats can go a long way in making others feel seen and valued. Even though you feel strapped for time, look for opportunities to invest a small amount of time that will result in a large return.

Focus on sleeping, showering, eating nutritiously, taking your medications, and drinking water, while maintaining professional and personal essentials. When you have a handle on the basics, try adding in some indulgent self-care: take a bath, read a good book, light a nice candle, nourish your skin, cook a favorite meal, or reach out to a friend to say hi as a way to gain momentum back to your usual functioning. Ask for them to pick up some of the slack where they can, or to help you through things that are tough. Here are a few sure-fire tips that will help relieve the pressure.

Think of your brain like a computer. If it gets overworked, it will begin to freeze and lag. Take a step back and let your brain reboot. What absolutely must be done today? What can wait until tomorrow? Organizing your workload will relieve some pressure and allow you to do things one-task-at-a-time. It happens to the best of us. Your brain and body repair themselves during sleep. Give yourself a chance to do this and approach tomorrow with a clean slate. Employee burnout is a serious concern for businesses and employees. We all get stressed from time to time, but at times, work can become too much.

To prevent your from becoming a source of anxiety and ill-health, there are a number of steps you can take:. The first step to resolving a problem is to admit there is one. Accept that you are feeling overwhelmed and resolve to do something about it.

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Discuss it with your manager and draw out a plan of action. Neither will it help your company, who would much rather you come to work refreshed, eager, engaged and productive. Unrealistic or unclear goals are a huge source of employee stress. Do you think they are fair, or do you feel they are verging on impossible? Constantly falling short of your objectives is likely to take a toll on you, your morale and your engagement levels. You have your limits. If someone asks you to take on another task but you already have too much on your plate, be honest and firm.

Your job might be important, but so is your private life. Some toxic company cultures encourage this kind of behavior because they believe that hours in the office equate to actual productivity. Take the opportunity to go outside if possible. Fresh air can do wonders if you are feeling overwhelmed by work. If you have your eyes on a screen all day, periodic breaks are crucial for your wellbeing, both physical and mental. Most employees check work emails from home.

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This might show dedication to your role, but this access to work email might not always be helpful — or healthy. If you are feeling overwhelmed, begin by turning off your work phone when you get home and getting some space. Sometimes when we imagine all the work we have to do, it can feel overwhelming and intimidating. Writing down our tasks can help in many ways. Order your tasks based on importance and urgency and be realistic about what can be done in one day.

Your private life is important. Collaboration is a beautiful thing. If you need help, ask for it. You will probably benefit from the new insights and you will feel less burdened. A funny prop, for example, could be a reminder to lighten up.


Perhaps a wind-up desk-toy or jar of bubbles might easily do the trick. One of my favorite photos, that always makes me smile, is one of the time my teenage daughter wanted, and got, a cream pie thrown in her face. The joyous expression on her face is instantly contagious. Overwhelm is often a bi-product of multi-tasking. You are working on a project and an email comes in and you see a notification pop up on your screen.

Not to mention the fact that you want to be out early today to get to a soccer game for your child. By consciously choosing to focus on one task at a time, with your full attention, you have more peace.

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Turn off your email notifications if possible and give that project your undivided attention. Do the same when entering a meeting. Choose to be present, fully at the meeting. For example.

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When you notice the feeling of anxious, you have to recognize what it is. Before the negative thoughts have time to take over in your mind, recognize the emotion and acknowledge it. We pile the most work on the best people. We go to the best people all the time. Learn to manage expectations. Give the boss a choice.

The Personal Efficiency Program. How to Stop Feeling Overwhelmed and Win Back Control of Your Work

I can do either this with my full attention, or I can do that, which is most important to you at this moment? In fact, it shows professionalism. You care about the quality of your work. Every time you begin to feel overwhelmed take over…slow down. Literally, close your eyes and breath in and out slowly until the feeling subsides. And, when it does subside reward yourself with a small reward. It might be something as small as making a tally mark on a piece of paper on your desk. You get to add a mark every time you overcome the feeling of being overwhelmed.

Buy yourself a prize. CEO, Mailbird. The average workplace is more fast-paced than ever before. The most successful organizations churn out quality work — and they do it quickly. This can affect interns all the way up to CEOs. Everyone, no matter their position or role in a company, can let stress take hold. Not everyone can complete every aspect of a single project with absolute assurance.

If you are in a position to delegate specific tasks to other members of the team, do so without hesitation. The best teams will ensure that everyone is working in the role for which they are best suited. They want everyone to succeed, too! Now, everyone has probably heard that in moments of extreme stress, one should take a walk or step away from the situation for a few moments.

However, in a real-world business scenario, that may not always be doable. Instead, get a little creative and implement something that works for you. Whether you have a corner office or a cubicle, fill your space with things that relax you and push stress away from your thoughts. Fun vacation photos can take you to another place for a few moments.

The Personal Efficiency Program: How to Stop Feeling Overwhelmed and Win Back Control of Your Work!

You can also keep stress-reducing activities to do during a break. Anyone up for some adult coloring? Founder, The Travel Coach Network. Workplaces are changing and adjusting to the shift in cultural and technological trends. This makes it easier to find ways to stop feeling overwhelmed at work. Here are three of my main ideas:.

Make a list of what you need to get done and rank them of most to least important. When you are organized, your mind feels more free and clearer. Then, see which tasks you can delegate to someone else which will lighten your load. When you are swamp with work, taking a vacation or going on a business trip can seem like the furthest thing from what you are able to do.

See what travel policies, travel programs, or wellness programs your company offers and use them. If you can work remotely, do so! If you can go on a business trip, go!

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