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Those canines were black. Animation: White voices , black visuals. Rob Paulsen was the lovable other-half to any respectable buddy comedy; Robert "Bobby" Zimuruski Pauly Shore, who was bizarrely uncredited despite everyone knowing his voice , the unforgettable enigma wrapped in animated celluloid, was the quintessential Smokey-from- Friday type—a funny anecdote as Friday premiered weeks later that same year; Stacey Jenna von Oy had style and gave us Blossom realness.

And then there was Principal Mazur Wallace Shawn , who tried to boast Science Slumber Parties and sincerely thought that was going to be the wave with the students.

14 Reasons A Goofy Movie Is The Best Disney Cartoon Of All Time

Source: Disney. A Goofy Movie is equipped with all of the essential elements of a fun movie: a road trip and the shenanigans that come along with it—remember that god-awful Possum Posse Jamboree, straight out of a Chuck E. Cheese nightmare? Talk to me, talk to me, talk to me bay-bayyy!

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However, in A Goofy Movie , the blackness is embodied in the essence. It's Max's swagger in contrast to Goofy's fumbling squareness. As they pursue the car down the road, eventually landing in a river on the car, they get into an argument. Max clued into his dad discovering the switched map, while Goofy explained that Mazur called him, and Max stated he's not a kid anymore and that he wants his own life.

The argument concludes with Goofy saying that he just wanted to be part of Max's life as he grew, and Max explaining why he wanted to go to the Powerline concert in the first place. Finally convinced of Max's problems, Goofy then tells Max he'll take him to Los Angeles just as they approach a waterfall. The car twists around in the water as Goofy and Max try to swim against the waterfall current and Goofy falls off the car and Max goes toward the waterfall on the car.

Goofy finds the fishing rod and gets near Max, jumping on some rocks. Max tries to grab the fishing pole but misses. The car crashes into a rock and turns around and Max gets involved in a tarp. Goofy uses the Perfect Cast to catch the car just before it falls from the waterfall. As Goofy tries to reel it in, the car's weight pushes him into the waterfall, but he grabs hold of a rock. A scared Max sees to the bottom of the waterfall as Goofy is released from the rock. The car falls, but the tarp turns into a parachute and saves Max's life.

Max grabs the fishing rod and saves Goofy. But the handle splits from the rod and Goofy falls.

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Max saves him using the Perfect Cast. Goofy and Max arrive in Los Angeles on the night of the concert, but are accidentally separated when Max is distracted staring at Powerline's background dancer's bottoms as they walk pass him. Goofy is pushed into an electrical ball and flies out onto the stage where Powerline is performing his song " I2I ". As convinced by Max, Goofy does the Perfect Cast technique in a freestyle version as a dance style, and everybody is impressed by it, including Powerline, who then also performs it as well.

Max is chased by a security guard up onto the stage's lights, but Max crashes down onto the stage between Goofy and Powerline, much to their surprise. The three break into dance with everyone cheering for them. Roxanne, Stacey, P. The next day, Goofy and Max pull up outside Roxanne's house in the car, which was recovered and almost repaired. With Goofy's pep talk, Max reveals to Roxanne he lied to her about mostly everything but she instantly forgives him, revealing herself she has liked him for a long time, ever since he first laughed the classic "Ahyuck" which he was embarrassed about before.

'A Goofy Movie' At 24: The Voice Of Powerline Reflects On Disney Role That Spawned A Cult Following

They make a deal to not lie anymore, sealing it with a kiss. Goofy's car blows up due to the damage it sustained at the waterfall and he flies through the air, crashing through the roof of Roxanne's house where Max introduces him to her. Kevin Lima, the director of the film, said that as opposed to making Goofy "one-dimensional as he's been in the past," the creators intended to "give an emotional side that would add to the emotional arc of the story" and for "the audience to see his feelings instead of just his antics.

The main characters of this film, specifically Goofy , Max , Pete and P.

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In the television series, Max was a middle school student, but in this film he is portrayed as an older teenager. However, other characters that had been established in Goof Troop do not appear in this film, such as Pete's wife, Peg, his daughter, Pistol, Waffles, and Chainsaw.

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Goofy and Pete retain their classic looks from the s cartoons as opposed to the looks that they had in the s cartoons and Goof Troop. Additional clean-up animation was done by Phoenix Animation Studios in Canada, and digital ink and paint by the Pixibox studio in France.

A sequel was released in , titled An Extremely Goofy Movie. It takes place some time after this film, involving Max's freshman year in college. Characters that returned for the sequel were Goofy, Max, Pete, P. He died on January 8, of kidney failure in Los Angeles. The film was originally intended to be released in theaters during the holiday season of However, some production problems in France delayed the film's release to Spring of , while The Lion King was reissued to fill in for the film's absence.

The film was first released on VHS on September 6, To date, this film is one of the only animated Disney films produced in widescreen that only has a pan and scan DVD in the United States the other being Doug's 1st Movie. It would include the film and its sequel An Extremely Goofy Movie.

However, the set appears to have been delayed. It is unknown at the moment if the DVD would include the film in its original widescreen aspect ratio. On IMDb, it currently has an average rating of 6. Sign In Don't have an account?